Saturday, October 8, 2011

UCWeb | Free Mobile Internet S40 | Globe

UCWeb is definitely one of the fastest java based mobile browser. Although it lacks a little bit of looks, UCWeb regains its name by improving the connection speed and as well as better downloading.

Not only operamini browser can be modified, even usweb has been modified as well to assign custom proxy for connection.
The following is the trick on how you can bypass payment charges from your current ISP.

What you need is:
1. myGlobeConnect prov file for custom accesspoint. Download HERE
2. A modified UCWeb browser, Download HERE

As of October 8, 2011
1. Set prov file as accesspoint, put the prov file from other device and send it to your phone via bluetooth so it will automatically prompts you to set it else you can't set the prov file.
2. Install UCWeb and run/open it.
3. Put this to the following entry:
    Front Query:
4. Leave others blank and save it then connect.
5. Enjoy.


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