Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 | Android ARMv6/v7

Take your mobile web browsing in the next level!
Most people often buy cheaper android phones rather than those expensive ones, the fact that the cheaper, the lower the specs, a developer tried to solve one of these problems. ARMv6 which is the most common and cheapest android phone in the market now because of the new released 2.1 and above firmwares, gotten its own Flash Player 10.1 to successfully run like higher ARM versions. 

Thanks to the Chinese developer that modified this android application to enable ARMv6 flash support just so as it can possibly be ran by the processor and it is not guaranteed to work on all device.

Go to GSMArena and try to find out what ARM version your phone have.
For the list of ARVv6 and up mobile phones, just search it in GOOGLE.

1. Download and move the downloaded flash player to your sdcard.
3. Now find the application and tap to install it.
4. After successful installation, just restart your phone and enjoy.


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