Saturday, October 22, 2011

RealVPN | Free Internet | Smart | Globe

Another FreeVPN for free internet... Cheers!!!
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Speed: Moderate
Ping: Good
Ad Free: Yes
Torrent: Yes (use nl server when downloading torrents)
Multi User: No

1. Broadband Modem: Huawei or ZTE 
    - for smart, replace the sim with smart buddy sim. no need for globe
2. PC or Laptop with Windows XP, Vista or 7 OS.

There are 3 setups that we should perform before a successful connection:
I. Setting up your Broadband Modem.
II. Setting up RealVPN.
III. Connecting Sequence for free internet.

I. Setting Broadband Modem:
1. Install the broadband modem in your computer.
2. Open the Dashboard of your broadband and go to Setting/Tools
3. Find an option for creating a New Profile/Config File, this is commonly found at profile management.
4. Now create a New Connection Profile or Config File using the details below:
For Smart
   Connection Name: RealVPN
   APN: internet
   Access Number: *99#
   Authentication Protocol: PAP
   Primary DNS:
   Secondary DNS:
For Globe
   Connection Name: RealVPN

   Access Number: *99***1# or *99# (try which of them is better in your connection)
   Authentication Protocol: PAP
   Primary DNS:
   Secondary DNS:
5. Save your created Connection Profile or Config File and set is as default.
II. RealVPN Setup
2. Now create a folder in the desktop and extract RealVPN powered by OpenVPN v2.2.1.rar so we can easily find it.
3. Go to this link to register
4. After successful registration, RealVPN will send you an email including your username and password that we are going to use in this connection.
5. Now go to RealVPN powered by OpenVPN v2.2.1 folder then go to Data--Config and edit the pass.txt file. Put your username in the first line and password at the second line (find it in your email) then save it.
6.. Right-click OpenVPNPortable.exe in the RealVPN fodler and select Properties. For XP, skip this step 6 and step 7.
7. Click Compatibility Tab and mark check the "Run this program as administrator" below Privilege Level. Apply and Exit all.
III. Connection Sequence.
1. Connect the broadband modem, use the created RealVPN connection profile. Be sure to only have a maximum of 4 pesos when connecting. For smart, maintain at least 1 peso of load to connect the broadband. For globe it's okay even zero load.
2. Go to the RealVPN folder and double click OpenVPNPortable.exe then a red icon will appear in your system tray (bottom-right part of the screen).
3. Right click the icon and you'll see a selection of Servers, select any and click connect.
4. Wait until it successfully connects.
5. Enjoy.

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