Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cache Cleaner + v0.9.12

Requires Android 1.6 and up
Size: 137kb
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Cache Cleaner+ is a simple and easy to use android application cache cleaning tool. 
Whether your phone is running slower and slower, and more use of a battery; 
Whether you are always running out of the internal phone storage, and you cant install the application you favored;
So, just try Cache Cleaner+ , this is newest and best cache cleaning tool on the market currently, which keep you phone cleaning and using more smoother.
# 1 Tap to clear all caches, release the internal phone storage
# Show the total number of applications generated cache and sum of cache size 
# Show the current state of the internal phone storage
# A quick tour of all the application cache 
# Various sorting capabilities, such as sorted by application name / cache size
# View application detail 
# Launch the application
# Uninstall the application
# Cache size alerts 
# Do not need Root privileges
Similar applications on the market including App Cache Cleaner, 1Tap Cleaner, 1-Tap Clean Cache ,1-click cleaner
# Better user experience: 
1 the refresh and clean-up button of common using is on the top for easy operation 
2 smart cache size reminder, no worried about lack of internal phone storage 
# Higher performance: 
1 faster display by pre-loaded mechanism 
2 less system resources by smart cache detection mechanism
# User-friendly UI: 
1 blue color scheme, visual comfort 
2 simple layout, operate more convenient

1 What is the cache? 
A: Cache is a mechanism of storing data in high-speed memory, speed up application's reading and writing, which improve application performance.
2. Why should clear the cache? 
In the android phone, cache files are stored in the phone internal memory (ROM), the phone internal memory is different from the SD card, you can think cache is computer memory and SD card is hard drive, one fast and another slow. 
Because the internal phone storage capacity is fixed, if you don't clear in time, the cache will be larger and larger, and finally running out of internal phone storage.
3 Will clear the application's data while clear the cache? 
A: The application's data is different with cache, cache is temporary storage of files, used and no longer valid; but application's data will be used later, such as games record and user information. 
Clear the cache wont clear the application data, do not worry 
Clear the cache wont clear the application of historical data too, such as search history, call records. If you need to clear the historical data, you can use our another application "History Cleaner+"
Cache Cleaner+ is newest and best cache cleaning tool on the market currently, just try it. 
If you have any questions, just contact us:
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