Thursday, September 29, 2011

What is Expat Shield VPN

Protect your Identity, Maintain your Privacy, Protect your Identity with EXPAT Shield VPN

Enjoy Fast and Secured VPN for FREE!

Multi Servers
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unblocks all web content
and MORE!!

Maintain Your Privacy
Browse anonymously and take full control over who can see your personal information. Examples of information that ExpatShield protects are your name, location, browsing history, and searches you perform online.

Protect Your Identity
Prevent online thieves and hackers from getting access to your private data (e.g. Credit Cards, Emails, Social Security Numbers, etc.). Secure your Internet Connection (Home, Work, Wi-Fi Hotspots, Cable).

Access Your Favorite Websites
Get a UK IP and access content available only in UK from anywhere. Ensure complete freedom to access all information and content online.   Access: 


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