Sunday, September 25, 2011

Enhance PC Performance

Enhancing PC's performance may be very difficult since it takes much knowledge and time. Below are the most common tricks how to improve and increase you PC's performance:

1) Messy or Dirty Registry.
Registry is often not recognized when it comes to computer. Computer's registry saves almost all of the system configurations, options, settings but due to sensitivity in system data and values, registry was being neglected. With that cases, you can now realized how important registry in comes for computer's performance.
You may clean your registry by instant or by sweeping messy files. Reformatting your computer is the best way to wipe all dirty data values in your system but if in cases of the availability of time, you may download a registry cleaner software. As of now the, one of the best software is COMODO.

2) Virus and Malwares.

Viruse and malwares are the ones affect so much computer's performance, the fact that this is one of the most difficult enemy from our important files. Viruses and Malwares may be silent but deeply attacks the system.

The most effective way to protect your PC and combat viruses is to get an antivirus program for your PC and make sure to update it regularly for perfectly secured PC.
3) Spyware and Adware.

Although spyware and adware is not really threatening for a computer, it may also be the reason of slow PC performance because it takes ram and clockspeed making your own tasks run slow.
You must ensure that you really know what software you are installing since it may cause potential harmful threats to your PC. Read the full details of the software first and be sure to look for the software review.
4) Speckled Programs and File Fragments
This issue is very easy to fix but when neglected takes a lot of Disk Space and may slow your system tasks. 
Defragmenting your PC and deleting useless files is simple way to solve this. Do this Weekly and you'll see a high increase in your PC performace.
5) Unnecessary Programs or Files
Unnecessary and useless program files takes ram, low ram may cause lag and and sudden hang ups.
Make a list of important programs to be installed in your PC to remain more extra ram and delete unnecessary leftovers of uninstalled programs.
6) Low Random Access Memory (RAM)
Install enough RAM in your CPU that satisfies your personal and PC needs. Be sure to get a very compatible RAM to reach the maximum performance of your PC.
If you tried all this tricks but still not satisfied with your PC performance, take an upgrade to your CPU parts.


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