Saturday, September 24, 2011

Free OpenVPN | Free PC Internet | Free Mobile Internet

This is my own compilation of VPN for free mobile internet, PC internet but for mobile internet it's only applicable in Android and IPhone OS'es only since other OS and non-OS phones don't have the capability to run OpenVPN configs.

How is it done?
This is VPN is a free VPN. We've done a little bit of tweaking to be used as a way to bypass network's ISP for payment charges resulting to free internet. 

What are the requirements?
A cell information display. Before trying this trick, it is a must to ensure that the device/computer has its stable cellular signal with a prepaid simcard from current ISP as a source of wireless data connectivity. Obviously CDMA phones is a big no. Devices and Broadband connectivity with GPRS or WCDMA connectivity are the ones capable of this trick. Sometimes ISP's don't allow connecting during zero balance but somehow other ISP's don't take a matter of it. Lastly, a little bit of techy minds with patience is the key since other countries has its own difference of network settings when connecting so we're gonna do a little bit of trial and error.

Please try our limited but unlimited share. Thanks. For any suggestions, please email me at

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