Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Operamini Free Mobile Internet Gobe Non-OS Phones

September 28, 2011 Update!!!
Globe Free Mobile Internet For Non-OS Phones is now available. Since non-os phones fortunately got its ability of adding and editing proxies and running java midlet, free internet is  applicable. Here we use the modified version of operamini to use a proxy servers for bypassing payment charges from ISP.

Files or applications needed for this trick:
1. Modified Operamini browser:
2. Activated GPRS Settings for open data transfer. There must be G, E or 3G shown.
As of September 28, 2011 - MyGlobe Connect @ TRICK
1. Install your chosen operamini handler.
2. Create a new connection profile:
    Name: MMS Trick
    Port: 8080
    Save and Activate.
3. Go to your operamini browser, dont open yet. Some phones have their proxy settings in every application, if that is your phone type, go to operamini option and select the profile MMS Trick that you have created above as your connection profile for operamini.
4. Open Operamini and enter this to the following:
For Operamini 4.2 and 5.2b
Http Server:
Socket Server:
Front Query:
Remove String URL: (optional)
clear other entries and save.
For Operamini 6.1
Front Query:
clear other entries and save.
5. Connect and enjoy.

Credits to all discoverer.


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