Friday, September 30, 2011

InstallServers Pack For Symbian 60

A file patch to enable Symbian 60 Phone hacked and install unsigned applications. This contains a full pack collection of all supported Symbian 60 Phones.

Go here first for the step by step tutorial for hacking Symbian 60 phones --- HERE

How to apply InstallServer.
1. Download InstallServers Pack first .
2. Extract it in the desktop so you can easily find it.
3. Open the folder and read info.txt file
4. If your phone is in the list, go to that folder and copy the installserver.exe
5. Paste it to your phone and be sure to move it at c:\sys\bin
6. Continue the steps to successfully Hack your phone.
Go Back to Hacking Tutorial.

Credits goes to sir CODeRUS.


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