Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CEProxy Plus Operamini, Globe Free Mobile Internet For S60v3/v5 Users

September 28, 2011 Update!!!
Globe CE-Proxy plus Operamini. With the power of CE-Proxy, a python based tunneling application, S60 3rd and 5th editions will experience free unlimited mobile internet with just applying simple tricks. How? Find it Here :D

Here are the apps needed for this trick:
1. Download Ultimate Python Full Pack - for running python based application.
2. Download CeProxy Plus - a python based tunneling application.
3. Download Operamini 6.1.sis - browser.
As of September 27, 2011
1. Install all the apps needed, just install and do not run/open any apps.
2. Create a new Connection Profile or Accesspoint (APN):
Name: CE-Proxy
Proxy Server Address: 
Port: 7777
3. Open CE-Proxy and create a new config settings:
Listen To Port: 7777 
Http Proxy Host:
Http Proxy Port: 8080 
Default Accesspoint: Ce-Proxy
Url Prefix:
4. Close All Apps
5. Open CE-Proxy
6. Open Operamini 6.1.sis
7. Go to Settings -- Advanced -- Connection
8. Choose ask always.
9. Connect. Enjoy

Credits to all discoverer.


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