Saturday, October 8, 2011

UCWeb | Free Mobile Internet Non-OS Phones | Smart

UCWeb is absolutely the best java based mobile java browser if it comes to speed. This mobile browser takes down operamini and bolt browsers standings.

The fact that Operamini is the most popular mobile browser, UCweb was not the first priority in comes of modifications and exploits, however, the time is come and here it is.
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The following is the trick on how you can bypass payment charges from your current ISP.

What you need is:
1. Create an accesspoint or a connection profile:
    Name: SmartMMS
    Port: 8080
    APN: mms
    Save and set as default or activate.

2. A modified UCWeb browser, Download HERE

As of October 9, 2011
1. Install UCWeb and run/open it.
2. Be sure to set Smart MMS as UCweb connection profile/accesspoint.
3. Put this to the following entry:
    Front Query:
4. Leave others blank and save it then connect.
5. Enjoy.

For more mobile internet tricks, visit the category.


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