Monday, June 13, 2011

Funny But Useful PC Tricks | Rename Recycled Bin | Make Unamed Folder

For every gadgets and devices, there is always a trick. It matters on how you will do it. PC tricks is very complex and even those experts ones can never know this. This takes trial and error for over a long time and its hard for one person to do that. I have compiled some of tricks and found out this funny but useful tricks:

Do you know how to make a folder without a name? Is it possible? Oh yeah it is possible. Just try it out:
  • click the folder.. right click on it..then click rename...and delete the old name
  • then pressing ALT button from your keyboard and type 0160 after that press enter.
(you have to type by pressing the ALT button. Don't stop pressing and while you will type 0160 it will not appear. You will continue typing and press enter. That's it and you also have to type the code by number pad.)


Ever wanted to rename your recycle bin? Who wouldn't? 
Well, it's pretty simple, the bare bones of it are just typing in commands to the registry.

Ok, what you do is, copy this information (in bold) to notepad or something similar. 


Once you have that copied into NotePad, save it as something like "Recyclebin.reg" (without the quotations).

Then, find wherever you saved it, click on it, say yes, and BAM!


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